Monday, December 22, 2008

Peru, Prayer & Christmas

Feliz Navidad to All!
I pray this blog finds you doing well. It's been a while since I've posted a blog, so I figured I better!

First, I've been home in Florida since September (read previous blog). What have I been doing, you might ask? A LOT OF STUFF is my answer!

First, I almost immediately took off to Peru. I was there almost two weeks meeting and networking with pastors, building a budget, visiting friends and speaking at churches. I had a great time. It was busy, yet very productive. It was nice to see so many ministries with big hearts - - and be apart of it for a little bit.

Second, shortly after my trip (like 6 days or something), my grandmother flew me up to North Carolina. From there, we drove to Ohio to suprise my cousin and watch one of his college football games. It was so nice to see what he's been up to and get some quality - Grandma-n-me time in.

After Ohio, my friend and next-door-neighbor from Guatemala came to visit. She was here 12 days. I love when people come to visit because it gives us Floridians a reason to do all the touristy stuff... ya know, take some time out and visit all the great locations we live so close to. We got to go to Disney World, the beach, a beautiful aquarium and many other places.

Somewhere in there, I began working part-time at Bath Body Works and searching for a full-time time in addition to the part-time one. Because of the economy here, finding a job is sooo much easier said then done. However, God is bigger then the economy! He provides. I was recently hired at the Christian Chamber to fill in while my friend is on maternity leave. I was told that there may be a position available upon her return. So, we'll see what happens.

Saying that, I want to encourage you. There's a lot of concerns I have/had with coming home from a two-year experience in another country... culture shock and re-entry to get used to. One of those things was a concern about where I work. I was so scared that I would find a job where my boss was awful and everyone I worked with would be mean or not even understand my passion for ministry. But God knows me - He provided a place to work where my boss is in love with Jesus, she's an encouraging lady who is passionate about ministry. My encouragement to you is this: God knows you. He knows your wants, your desires, your passions and He knows what you need. So trust in Him - He will make a way according to those things and according to His will.

So here's my plans for Missions:
I know that God has called me to missions. My heart is broken for people in foreign countries who don't have the resources available that we do, who don't have the solid teachings we do and who don't have support surrounding them.

Guatemala broke my heart! I loved being there, ministering to the young ladies and prostitutes. It's hard to let that go and move on, when I know there's still a huge need there. My heart also breaks for Peru. I have now been there three times - and each time I get to see the needs of the people. I feel caught in a crossroads and am not 100% sure where God is taking me. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! I need your prayers.
One thing God has revealed to me is this: It doesn't matter what country you go to, or what great ministry you're apart of - what matters is the One you're in relationship with, the One you're doing it for. So while God speaks to me, guides me and draws me closer to Him, please keep praying. I know ministry and missions is my future! I'm excited to see what God has in store for the future. And I'm excited for us to do it together!

Please note: Your financial gifts are given to me and put in a savings account for the future. Your finances will be used for the great work of Jesus Christ. I thank you for them.

I pray blessings over you and yours this Christmas season.
Sarah Anderson
Life Church Missionary to the Nations